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Ways to increase intimacy -- without sex?

Intimacy doesn’t necessarily mean “sex”. In fact, the dictionary defines intimacy as “close familiarity or friendship; closeness”. Being connected to others is part of the human experience, and it helps us feel secure and comforted.

In reference to couples: intimacy -- to truly know and be known -- without the distraction of a sexual relationship, can lead to a very powerful bond. Think about it, without sex there’s no worry about the potential consequences -- guilt, depression, unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections -- and to not have these worries, frees up our minds and emotions to experience closeness on a deeper, and more lasting level.

Having meaningful conversation is one way to build intimacy with your partner. Keep it interesting and discuss different topics: music, movies, family, goals, friends, faith, fears, hopes, and if you’re game, even politics! You might find that you have a lot in common, -- or maybe you don’t, in which case you can learn new things from each other.

Keep your relationship fresh and exciting by doing something impromptu, unplanned, or spur of the moment. This could be as simple as giving them an unexpected small gift or handwritten note. Or maybe you’d rather go a little more extreme and steal them away for a day adventure. A sight seeing road trip, outdoor scavenger hunt, or surprise concert could be just what you need to create some fun and lasting memories!

It might be hard to see the long range benefits now, but it‘s definitely worth your time to build emotional intimacy with your partner before opening the door to a physically intimate relationship. Here at Beginnings we’re ready to support, encourage and coach you through a variety of situations. We don’t judge -- we’re here to listen and help. Call us to set up an appointment -- or just stop by, we’d love the opportunity to meet you!


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